Thai Essence Liverpool


the story

Welcome to Thai Essence, proudly established in 2016.  Our vision and mission is to simply open an unpretentious restaurant, where the food is authentic and the atmosphere is relaxing.


We take pride in ourselves in offering our customers an outstanding selection of delicious dishes prepared by a professional team of skilled culinary chefs. All dishes are prepared using only the finest herbs, spices and freshest blend of natural ingredients (locally sourced).


Our name Thai Essence was formed with the aim of bringing the traditional dishes of Thailand, while having the modern twist (fusion), to serve the multicultural community within Liverpool and the Greater Western Suburbs of Sydney.


Our belief is that Thai meals are best enjoyed when dishes are shared amongst family and friends, which is why we want to bring the true essence of Thailand for you to enjoy along with the friendly service and atmosphere which inturn assures a wonderful dinning experience.


Thank you for taking this culinary journey with us at Thai Essence, we would be delighted to have you join us for the experience.

the food

We have selected many of the most popular dishes of Thailand to create for you.  We have a small team of culinary chefs who have had many years of experience in creating the most authentic Thai dishes.  We pride ourselves on creating authentic flavours bringing out the essences of Thailand in our food.

the dining experience

Our aim is to ensure our customer’s not only enjoy and experience the flavours and essence of our food but to have a memorable dining experience.  We have in our travels re-created a beautiful part of Thailand and brought it to our restaurant.  From the ornaments to the tables and chairs, these are the beautiful works of art from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok.  We hope you enjoy the lavish deco creating a fulfilling dining experience.